Mindfulness. (Quoted)

Flip the script of your life.

Our thoughts take us to various places and experiences, sometimes good thoughts come, sometimes not so good ones try to plague us, whenever a thought comes to our mind it is us, who makes it stay longer than necessarily needed, rather if we create the ability to flip it with another thought, it willl find resistance staying, but what we do instead is we let it grow, take roots deep into our mind, heart and well being. If we cultivate a habit of flipping it with a positive thought and let it just come to us and leave, maybe we can flip our life’s story.

Hope you liked the post.
Thanks for spending your time with me here.πŸ™‚
Have a great day ahead!!


  1. We pretend
    as if we could
    with resistance
    the evil
    in the good

    in our
    turn around

    the soul
    send us
    those thoughts
    the dark side
    whether we that
    want or not


    the soul
    mean to tell us

    don’t be arrogant
    that was you yourself
    and everything else
    the corrupt too

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    • Haha, that’s cool, right message left for the world maybe that will set someone right on his journey. Half of our anticipated fears never culminate into reality, I totally agree with you here.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing.

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