Love yourself.

You should be able to be yourself even when you are with someone you love. Sometimes it feels like the world has put overdramatised soulmate concept. You come in the world alone and go alone. In your journey you relish a lot of things. More than being heart broken at not finding love, you should be heart broken when you end up not even finding your own self. You cannot loose yourself over one person. Relationships are gift of God to make your journey beautiful and if something doesn’t work for you, its not the end of world, its just an added experience. You are more important to you than anything in this universe. Investing in you is most important before sharing yourself with anyone, only then then can we understand Love.
Nothing completes you but you standing up for your own self. Relationships born out of emotional traumas, insecurities, hurt and to fill the void can find difficult surviving the test of time. So love yourself first before loving anyone.


  1. The ‘Me’ must be cherished and loved first. I agree with you, Malaika and a fact we tend to ignore when we give too much of ourselves in a relationship. One should never lose the friendships or meaningful relations carved over time.

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