Love in Remembrance, that nostalgic feeling

Love has all the answers. Love is such a powerful four-letter word that if we only make it the anchor of our life and align our lives with it, It can alone show us the path towards happiness.

 Love is sometimes such a nostalgic feeling. I having been born and brought up in a hill station, now after living outside for a decade, realize how much I love them. I know I always make a reference to it in most of my posts but that’s how it is. I love them and I miss them. Every memory comes with an aching pain full of the love of remembrance and I seem to sometimes swing in the long-forgotten days of warmth and innocence. It must be the same with many of you when you remember your time-worn days with an aching pain in your heart though at the same time can smile at them.

Recently I read a post of one of my friends where she described how she loved Delhi, her every word resonated with the kind of love I share with my small town and all the hills surrounding it. I realized it is not just about the beauty of the hills but something beyond that I was able to see in it. It is the time spent, it has nothing to do with the beauty of the place but the beauty that was inside my heart when I lived them. It is more about the piece of me I have left there. The happier trails I left behind and which I am still able to trace back in time. Like it is said absence makes the heart go fonder, I also know that if I happen to go away from the place I am living in right now, all the memories, all the love my heart poured in here will become a remembrance in whose love I will find my solace. I realized that there is something special in missing something we loved deeply, that is even deeper than its presence, as most of the time we are not able to appreciate our present until it becomes a distant memory.

When someone tells us that they loved something deeply and now they miss it, most of us fall into thinking how unsatisfied the other person under the present circumstance is or maybe if we have access to what the other person longs for we might feel privileged, a bit more self-assured about ourselves and our lives, whereas I look at it with a different perspective, as long as the person can talk about it, he has opened a new world of love for himself, the world of memories of fulfilled dreams, a magical world that at the same time is equally realistic. If someone has ever loved something truly and deeply and then has lost it with the time, missing the pieces of it might make him feel nostalgic but remembrance is in itself, a joy. How many of you can resonate with the post, just let me know in the comment box below as all those moments of “loved and lost”, deserve a happily ever after.

I hope you liked the post.

 Let the life be more about the smiles and less about the frowns.

 Have a great day ahead.



  1. So true Malaika…most of us carry fond memories of places or people we left behind due to circumstances and needs…some miss the hills some the village or childhood friends. I was trying to recollect what all I miss? Life has been full of movements and displacements and every place I moved from and every friend I left behind remains distinctly etched in the mind. Often when I sit alone in that refkective mood the memories of the days gone just flashes past like a movie and leave a smile aches just a I just draw happiness from those memories..
    Stay blessed Malaika..
    May you smile always..

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  2. This post truly resonates with me as my mind hovers to Pune and to a certain extent, Mumbai living in both cities. Despite not being born in Pune, it is my home town and home city. There is something about the place, memories and happiness which words cannot describe. Like you speak about your home town and you make such an interesting point on something beyond and not just hills. How beautifully you put up, “…that is even deeper than its presence, as most of the time we are not able to appreciate our present until it becomes a distant memory.”

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    • Thanks Vishal I am glad we share the same perspective here. Also thank you for coming by and sharing your love for Pune, I have been there once and loved the weather. Life has so much to give if we just are able to open ourselves up a bit. 🙏🙂

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  3. Memories… joyful memories… are the feathered bed we lie on, when the mind is in dire need of a comfort, that the happenings of the present cannot support… reaching back with Spiritual wings, we stand to one side, and silently relive the magic of the time… the sights… the sounds… the smells once more engulfs us… and sometimes like a dream… we wish we could stay…

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