Your beautiful wings.

A life lived in the pursuit of unknown,
Its own journey,
its own emotions, in its originality.
Sadly, All left untold.
What if god asked you on your final day?
Why did you complain of life so much as it came your way?
I gave you all you asked,
More ambitions, More money, more fame,
At every level you continued to amp up your game.
A life full of thirst which is hard to quench.
The more I gave you ,the hard you clenched.
You made your world a world full of hustle,
Turning your life into a struggle.
But your time will be limited as you were told.
you never realised it enough as the years rolled.
I warned you to not just become that weary soul,
Pushing your days away, Trying to make it all.
Live as if you die tomorrow, later don’t come to me in pain
Asking why all your efforts went in vain.
Though I loved seeing you soaring to your best,
But you forgot to pause and reflect.

On the stillness that was there in the unrushed mornings,
Joy found in the movement of the evenings adorning.
To be able to feel enough in your own skin. To be with the air, the sun, the moon and your kin.
To be the Love and care, besides being your roaring self
and relish the freedom that was already there.
All you asked was an infinite ladder to climb on.
Victories over victories that you won.
A strong will to persist and a life in its full swing,
Taking with itself your beautiful wings.

This poem (down in the caption) is written for the weary souls trying to make it all. Its equally okay to take a break sometimes as it is okay to find success. Both needs you.
Let’s stop for a while
Leave Force rush stress and chase
Learning to be in the moment.
Shifting our gaze.

Hope you liked the post. Please do share your views in the comment box. Have a great day ahead. β€οΈπŸ™‚



  1. i am time
    in my short time

    the spirit
    the soul
    is in us
    not out there

    the soul is neither tired nor sick

    the judgment
    falls over me
    through the soul
    during the day
    in memory
    to all my do’s and don’ts

    in the dream
    that I do every day
    in the way he speaks to me
    for myself
    him its meaning
    for, with my attitude
    like me to act the better
    have to decide

    the self a word
    like any other
    I can’t talk about myself

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  2. Good to see you back Malaika🌹🌹What a beautiful expression through poetryπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒWe all know that we have to go one day leaving everything behind but still overload ourselves with so much struggle to seek success after success. Success are important in life to make it worthy buy then so are breaks and enjoying small goodies life throws at us daily in the form of natural beauties. How much is enough is what we have to decide. A balance is what is needed.
    Hope you are doing good and taking a pause when needed.
    God bless you πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸŒΉ

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