The Happiness Chapter.

We all have ability to create blissful lives for ourselves. All we need is acceptance. Acceptance of our stories. Acceptance for all those people around us which life has brought in. Acceptance of the scenarios we are put in. We don’t need to start from some other point then where we are standing on. This understanding has to take a good foundation in our psychs for us to build anything beautiful on it. A lifetime can be wasted on the idea of waiting for the circumstances of our choice to enter our lives.

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  1. Yes, everyone has a capability to write his or her own narrative. Self acceptance of our own story has to come before others accept it. Unfortunately most lack self belief. A story can start from anywhere. There is no perfect time or place it can be now and here.
    Stay blessed always Malaika.

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    • I had been long living a life that was not mine, not accepting where I was with a belief that this is not my reality and soon it will change. I was not happy with the way I looked, the kind of body I had, house I lived in, wanting to be a completely different person. That way I was unhappy. But when I realised the concept of self acceptance, I found that when we accept ourselves wholely, considering ourselves enough to create a beautiful stories for ourselves, we land into a different realm, there you begin with what you have, and build over it. That way you live in your present and create beautiful life.

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