Quote of the day. ❤

You are never alone, even when you feel like you have no one. You have the sun to warm you, the moon to cool you, the stars to twinkle at you. You have the rains talking to you. Air blowing and touching you. And above all you have God watching over you and keeping you alive. So smile, bad days are just a phase that will pass.

Hope you liked the post.

Have a great day ahead. 🙏🙂


  1. Ya, I agree with you one can be alone but never lonely. Apna saath to hamesha hota hi hai beside God, Sun and moon.
    It is something like ‘ socha tha akele hain safar mein na jaane kis mod per hunsafar ban gayeein tanhaiyaan apni’
    Stay blessed Malaika.

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