Let life take you by surprise and live young and alive.πŸ˜€

Go to a garden and expect Exotic flowers blooming, you will never be able to relish the beautiful greenery around.

Go to a place expecting a waterfall, you will never be able to witness the silence of the still water.

Go to a place with a lot of expectations and you crumble with each expectation not being fulfilled.

Meet a person with a predefined mindset and planned conversations, you loose every opportunity to connect naturally.

Let life surprise you when it can. Release the will to control. There is no beauty in the vision that has already been witnessed. Open yourself up for every mundane thing life brings your way. Embrace joy. Let go of that need to control the way you want to feel, stop the desire to create perfect moment every time. Don’t conclude Every situation life throws you at, try a new perspective.

Let life take you by surprise and move joyfully with the colors that are coming your way.

Hope you liked the post.

Thanks for spending your time with me here.πŸ™‚ Have a great day ahead!!


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