Quote of the day.❤

No one is going to come and tell you daily how incredibly amazing you are, but you need to say it to yourself and be, AMAZING, for your own self.

Hope you liked the post. Have a great day ahead.

Let’s live to love and share smiles. 🙂❤


  1. That is beautiful. But it would be great if the day you’re born they gave you this little thing that you take everywhere that tells you’re amazing constantly. That would be nice. But until then, I’ll be happy with being my own best cheerleader ☺️

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  2. I’m not
    out of myself
    become a human being
    with everything that goes with it
    with grief
    Sickness and worry

    when my soul wants me
    give it to me from her cornucopia
    the rebuke
    and also the gift
    if you throw an eye on me

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    • You are most welcome dear. I am glad you liked it. Yes believing is the hard part, but if we practice affirming such things on a daily basis, focussing on our strengths only, it does work. 🙂🌻💕


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