Quote of the day ❤

Love is the answer.

The happiness of children is not about the absence of lows in their lives, but it is that they never took their lows to even lower by brooding over them, hanging in there for days, making them worse, blaming or questioning why I am feeling low, they just ask for some love in those moments from those around them, pass over the unhappy phase again finding their highs to take them even higher by surrendering themselves to the present moment.

Hope you liked the post.
Thanks for spending your time with me here.🙂
Have a great day ahead!!


  1. Children guess
    like it at heart
    in me
    whether I am truthful
    or not

    they take my hand
    when they are around
    need the attention

    Children are with themselves
    clear in everything
    in their subjective moment

    Children show
    in familiarity
    whether they hug
    want or not

    my children
    and their children
    educate me to this day
    I’m trying
    to follow their reality

    when danger threatens
    with a certain
    good-natured; No

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    • Thanks sir, I am glad you agree to my post. Though it’s touch to be a child again having lost all our innocence to sophistication. May be we can somehow find solace in just acknowledging the fact. 🙂

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