Where is your Soul place?

A soul place is considered to be a place where one’s soul finds itself in perfect peace. The point to note here is that peace is not about the place but to be found within you. As we know spiritual awakening is not about anything related to the outside but within. Therefore you can find your soul place anywhere where you experience more drawn inwards and more authentic.

Have you ever noticed the beauty of seashells on the beach, or those smooth pebbles on the bank of the river, mushrooms growing near the trunk of a tree, they just look so perfect for the settings they are in, where nature have planted them. Can we bring them inside our household and try to make them replicate the same vibe, it sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? Nature creates a perfect setting for anything to bloom perfectly. The same is the case with us all, there is a setting in this universe where our soul feels free and alive. That is our soul place. There you forget all your worries and can let yourself loose, there you find your best self, your most creative self, it could be the place you grew up as a child, it could be a beach, it could be hills, or it could also be a niche you have created for yourself in the city life.

In our fast-paced lives we hardly think of things that speak to our soul, but places, things do speak in the form of vibrations. Everything does not just have a price tag value to it but something more. I feel that my soul place is the place I was born in, as it is where this universe planted me, I find solace in the weather of my home town, in associating with people who belong from there. And then destiny brought me to cities and I have seen my soul sometimes even craving for the city life as it brings me perspective on the varsities of life and helps me broaden my horizons and also its buzz calms many storms that my mind crosses.

The world’s greatest souls all found their sacred places: Moses on Mount Sinai, Jesus in the desert, Muhammad in a cave outside Mecca, and Buddha under the bodhi tree. So see it’s not even about them being fancy.

I would be glad to know your thoughts on the soul places. Please let me know in the comment box what you think about the topic.

Hope you liked the post.
Thanks for spending your time with me here.πŸ™‚
Have a great day ahead!!


  1. We are of the soul
    in life
    to mother earth
    in a cry of blood

    since the beginning
    the incarnation
    which is still in progress
    as if we were
    that’s how she talks
    in a dream with us
    their only child

    the perfect calm
    was before birth
    and surrounds us
    after our death
    with the mantle of death

    the spiritual life
    knows no limit
    the inside and outside

    when we dream
    and us in the mirror
    the night
    our other
    dark side
    and acknowledge

    we will
    during the day for the better
    because we have our
    Recognize the downside

    real is a person
    of the world
    and reality
    of the soul not too high

    We are mother nature
    good or bad
    their natural children

    it is not about
    to feel free
    so that all of our desires
    meet carefree

    the “self” must not be a “table set yourself”
    the toddler
    that we were once
    go with us
    in us through all the years

    we have as living beings
    our destiny
    in the universe
    in our microcosm
    to be accepted as a whole person

    we have to do the corrupt
    that we caused
    these, accept our cross

    Moses on Mount Sinai, Jesus in the desert, Mohammed in a cave outside of Mecca and Buddha under the Bodhi tree.

    All who know the soul better have the reality of the soul, its ancient legislation, which is anchored in every human being; Regardless of this, made into the outside world, to the interpretation and dogma for their chosen ones, to doctrine and to their obedience.

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    • I agree to every thing you said in this beautiful poem sir, thanks for weaving your thoughts and sharing them here with me. I loved where you said, the “self” must not be a “table set for yourself”, the toddler that we were once go with us in us through the years. I really wish we all would realise this and could live to that bliss.
      Thanks a lot for coming by with your beautiful words.πŸ™πŸ™‚

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  2. *this is written on the hoof and with an open heart, it’s a bit… well, you decide *

    sometimes you, yes you Malaika, take the thoughts right out of my head… it is this wonder that you bring to the world in 3 words, smiling little things that has brought a deep and gigantic joy to me… I notice more and share more, including your strap line and your 3 words, I hope that you don’t mind…so as you muse and tell of this and that I hope too that you are touched as you have reached out and touched me with your 3 words… for anyone thinking this is a bit gushy or over familiar or what EVER… just stop… I have spoken with some
    one, yep a real person, who matters to me so much it was hurting inside… until I saw Malaika’s 3 little words and POW… a holism was felt… believe in magic peeps, it’s everywhere and I’d like to thank Malaika for working hers…

    here are a few words about your 3 words, it’s straight out of my noggin so not tweeked or cleaned up…

    through brash and hawthorn,
    on hands and knees,
    each cut deep,
    so deep,
    I crawl to find thee,
    my innocence turned up side down,
    in fears swirling tide I do not dwell,
    this wasteland of tired and broken minds,
    evergreen day dreams now filled with haze,
    oak trees tall,
    out of gaze,
    how long this journey seems to be,
    to a dearly missed and distant heart of home,
    In you I am,
    You in Me,
    now rest,
    the best is yet to see,
    in 3 little words,
    count them you’ll see.

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    • I am humbled by your generosity Alec, I am really happy my words bring you solace and I am able to give them in words to you, when you need them. I deeply thank you for your kind words and beautiful ode you wrote for smiling little things. I hope It continue to give you a lot of smiles and peace for days to come. I feel blessed to have God by my side to give me something to share with the world and find people like you on this journey which gives it more meaning and to me more motivation to continue on the path I have chosen. With all the good wishes in my heart I wish you a happy week ahead. πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ™‚

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  3. Thank you, Malaika, for this special post. I often imagine that my soul place is by the coast, on a beach, or maybe in the mountains or hills, or in a forest among the trees, but I think it is always here, now, when I take a moment, a deep breath, and give thanks for my life. Have a happy weekend πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

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    • Indeed!! It seems to be known by your beautiful blog as well where you share beautiful nature’s pictures. You seem to bask in the glory of God so well. Thanks for coming by and sharing.πŸ’•πŸ™

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  4. There is a huge rock (9x9x9x9 meters approximately) 100 meters off shore in the Pacific Ocean off Baja California, Mexico. For years, I just looked at it and watched the waves hit it. Then, one day I noticed a fissure, a crack that curled up the rock. I waded and swam to it and used the fissure to climb up the rock. To my surprise, I found a seat carved by wind and sand on the seaward side of the rock. When I sat there I could only see the sea and sky and only hear the sea. When there was a very low tide, I went back with beach towels. and a canteen of water. I spent the afternoon and night there. Late at hight during high tide, all I could see was the sea under moonlight, and her the waves hit the rock. I was totally alone with the sea, sky, stars and wind.
    When I need solace and space to think, I go there in dreams and memories.

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    • Wow, the place you just mentioned seems to strike a chord with me as I feel deeply connected to the ocean and the winds. Thanks for sharing it with me, I could visualise your soul place and you, it seemed peaceful and relaxing.❀


  5. Absolutely beautiful post Malika. I agree the soul place is in the midst of nature and I often hear the whisper of the divine when surrounded by the breeze which suddenly makes me happy. I would say my soul places are Pune and Mumbai, two places I identify the most where Marine Drive is one such place.

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  6. My soul place is definitely anywhere free of my corporeal shell. … I believe that the human soul may be inherently good, on its own; however, trapped within the physical body, notably the corruptible brain, oftentimes the soul’s purity may not be able to shine through.

    For example, when rightwing radio-talk-show host Rush Limbaugh died (in February), I, though no fan of his smug-ugly politics/ideology, wondered whether his spirit or consciousness may finally be 100 percent free of the purely cerebrally based agitation and contempt that may have actually blighted much of his life. Therefore, free of his corporeal shell, he may be wondering, β€˜Why was I so angry, so much of the time? Oh, the things I said!… I really hope I didn’t do damage while I was there’ … (etcetera, etcetera) …

    It may be the case that the worst mass-atrocity-committing people throughout history had been thoroughly corrupted by a seriously flawed cerebral structure thus mind (or state of mind). Though, admittedly, that would be, even if true, no consolation to their countless brutalized victims.

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    • I completely agree with you, when the big “I ” in us disappears, only then can we look for our soul. Otherwise, whole life can get mindlessly spent on inflating our egos.
      Also, our brains are our realities, what goes in there defines us.
      I often question whether I am living right. If I die tomorrow what regrets would I have? and try to align my existence accordingly.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts. I liked the way you threw more light on the topic. We need more of such people who advocate deep living and show people what shallow living means.

      Have a great week ahead!!

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      • Yes, our brain, good and bad, is what we basically are while we’re in our physical form.
        Reading a sentence (i.e. “I often question whether I am living right. If I die tomorrow what regrets would I have?”) in your reply to my comment reminded me of something interesting I once heard:

        In 1987, I learned from two Latter Day Saints missionaries that their church’s doctrine teaches that the biblical β€˜lake of fire’ meant for the truly wicked actually represents an eternal spiritual burning of guilt over one’s corporeal misdeeds.

        Accordingly, upon the atrocity-committing monster’s physical death, not only would he be 100 percent liberated from the anger and hate that blighted his physical life; his spirit or consciousness would be forced to exist with the unwanted awareness of the mindbogglingly immense amount of needless suffering he personally had caused.

        Thank you.


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