Romanticizing life.❤

When we watch a movie everything seems so romantic, a walk on the streets looks delightful, eating in a restaurant looks like love, couples holding hands shoots our imagination, a view of the mountains, rains, they all seem to flow to a perfect moment. But what happens in our lives, are we able to romanticize every bit of it. I do not say in a way of copying someone, that could take you further away from what we are trying to achieve here, as when you try to feel like someone, you restrict your natural feelings to come out, you ask your brain to go into the working mode to create something for you, whereas in romance heart is the flag bearer. Being authentic to yourself is most important here, owning your moments as unique by surrendering to them and appreciating them as being enough. A cup of tea on a rainy day needs no validation from your WhatsApp status or a Facebook post. It needs a deep feeling that comes from deep down inside your heart which makes it enough. You and your moment with no one in it romanticize it.

Romanticizing life is like the romance with your first kiss when there was no one other than two people in it, and you were not even bothered by how others thought about it because it gave you something to always cherish and remember. The power of such moments is they bring back those feeling when you try to recall them later. Try recalling your first love, it is still able to bring you certain emotions if you loved deeply. Distractions lessen the value of our moments. The power they otherwise hold of re-living the same feeling back, when we are not in them later diminishes, if we don’t surrender completely to them. Life feels shallow if you live with distractions. The new trend of the internet makes us incapable of surrendering to the moment, surrendering to the people we are with, to the conversations we are having as distractions in the form of phone calls, messages, live video updates pop now and then interrupting the flow. If you want to romanticize life, try avoiding these distractions and create moments for you, finding flow in the life and the one thing you want to associate yourself with. It happens often with us, we are in a process of feeling something beautiful and as the feelings are unfolding themselves to make the moment memorable, we stop the natural flow of our emotions, with our some other thoughts of recording it or posting it on our Instagram or any other social media thereby creating a different spiral of thoughts and emotions thinking of the likes we are going to get and people who are going to see it or maybe we start comparing ourselves to others that how blessed we are to be in a position to have experienced this, but what all this does is, it forbids our brain to process the feelings to take a deep plunge. A deeper connection with ourselves and our moment becomes just another passing moment. If you were born in the ’90s where no such distractions were there, you would remember how a small picnic brought you so much joy, mere basking in the sun with your friends had so much to it, not because we were children then but because we were able to surrender ourselves completely to the moment at hand.

Though we are new tech-savvy generation and that will remain as it is, I think having boundaries is important. A life where technology only makes our lives better and deep not just shallow is what should be our agenda.

This post is not against social media in any form rather I would add that we could even create a relationship with our social media by putting just love in there, where we stand tall in the truth of ourselves. So let’s add more value to our life by adding more value to our every little moment by being wholely in it, living life, loving life.

Hope you liked the post. Thanks for spending your time with me here.🙂 Have a great day ahead!!


  1. a dear friend of once said to me “Alec, one could promise the earth to others but what they need is to know themselves… but most won’t put the work in”

    Your words cross many disciplines and schools of thought are you familiar with ‘Minima Moralia’ by Theodore Adorno?

    His attempt to find the release mechanism for the insidious capture knots of fascism remain underrated, in my view.

    I also recently watched a film called ‘A Field in England’, a somewhat surreal story of the English Civil War in the 15th Century…. echoes of which continue today.

    I am minded, also, towards Gil Scot Heron and his musical prose ‘The Revolution Will Not be Televised’ and how social media has invaded and blurs the private and public spheres.

    A thought provoking post…. thank you for stirring the pot in such a skillful way too. Gently does it, I find.

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    • Excellent, Alec!

      I’ll look for that material, i.e., “Minima Moralia” by Theodore Adorno. I’ve heard of the name but never read anything from him.

      PS. Not the author of the article above, but drawn to appreciate your thoughts and recommendation.

      – Thompson.

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  2. This is wonderfully done, thanks!

    Your post reminds me of a book that I always re-read (like yesterday). It’s called “The Shallows: What the Internet Does to our Brain,” by Nicholas G. Carr. He does an excellent job and I believe a lot of the youth, and of course, adults will benefit from it’s perusal.

    As I was reading this I couldn’t help but think of that nicely done masterpiece. Heard of it? Check it out, if able!

    – Thompson.

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    • You are most welcome friend. I am glad you liked it, will definitely go through the book you mentioned as it seems to resonate with me. Thanks for mentioning it here. I love people who suggest me good music and good books as it is there where life is there.🙏🙂

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  3. Very well articulated Malaika…agree with you…we got to learn to own the moment to enjoy the moment…no distractions no comparisons…not trying to be like someone else….some moments are to be enjoyed just being us…mobile phones have entered our lives in s big way and many have given them higher status in life than personal relationships….Well, mobiles , laptops and TVs should better be kept out of bedrooms…and anyway a mobile should not enter the personal space between two loving partners .
    Stay blessed Malaika..
    Stay blessed…keep blogging..

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  4. I fully agree with this post Malaika. Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account cause your feelings are all over the place and it feels like you living to pleaSe. Don’t apologise for such beautiful truth.

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  5. Good one Malaika. I was very addicted to Facebook and I decided to deactivate it in 2017. I have to admit I feel very calm and less noisy since then. It probably may not be necessary to quit social media outright, but a check is definitely needed.

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