Poetry :Shackled to get burned alive.

I wrote this poem in 2014, just saw it today while rummaging through my old journal. It is on the subject of genital mutilation of girls practiced in some countries. I was inspired to write this when I came to know about Hazviperi Betty Makoni. She is a Zimbabwean women’s rights activist who in 1999 founded the Girl Child Network, a charity which supports Zimbabwe’s young sex abuse victims. The organization has rescued more than 35,000 girls and provided mentoring to at least 60,000 girls around Zimbabwe.
The poem could be related in so many ways to how women are looked in a society and what is most of the time expected out of them by the narrow minded society. Where at one point women have achieved a sound place in todays world, still there are some who are not able to fight for them. This poem is dedicated to those unfortunate souls.

Shackled to get burned alive.

Birth as if in a cage, walls of tyranny surrounds,

Living is tougher than dying, soon did she found.

Born in a smothered childhood, fighting her fate,

It is the anguish that keeps growing,

As cruelty never abates.

Well-wishers asking her, to be under the veil,

What they care of the hurt and agony,

Those hollow eyes unveil,

Let alone the body, even soul seems to bleed,

To drown the tyranny, so shameless in its deeds.

She is an object of pleasure, is how she is recalled,

With no measure of the inflicting pain that falls.

Beaten, raped, insulted, though angst soul survives,

Even the sun in its sound warmth,

Is capable of burning her alive.

Sadism in the name of religion is what is hers,

Bruised body, as they fear her becoming pervert.

Childhood as a nightmare comes to her, if she survives,

What an irony, as some die, when this purity arrives.

Bounded by her fate, she turns into disguise,

No hope to lift her,

Shackled to get burned alive.


    • Women are fighters ever since and they continue to fight. Also world has become a better a place for them after winning so many battles, but yes some battles remain.
      Thanks for coming by the blog and sharing your reflections.πŸ™

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  1. What a coincidence that both us wrote of Shackles but in such different contexts. This one is soooo sad. You have captured it so beautifully. There is a so much suffering in the world. For most of the developed world suffering of the poor doesn’t matter. And the way we treat girls is even worse.
    The gap between the rich and the poor keeps increasing everyday.

    As Mahatama Gandhi had said : Let us become the change we want to see in the world.

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    • Indeed!! We should always do what is in our capacities.
      Yes, after reading your post I remembered my poem, I read this word shackled in Charles dickens book The great expectations and used it first in my poem, your post reminded me of so many things.
      Thank you sir for coming by the blogπŸ™

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  2. Part of my work is to end harmful practices like FGM (female genital mutilation). Poetry, and other forms of the arts, are powerful awareness tools. Loved your piece !!!

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    • Thanks a lot friend. yes awareness is very important. It is nice to hear to work for the better world. Every ones efforts are very important like every drop in the ocean counts, with that said I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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  3. Here, I want to talk about desires, dreams and hope. These are tools that give us direction, realising our sense of purpose.

    That inspiration we get from even a small shining particle or the sun builds us wise and strong.

    Understanding ourselves is the first step to understand the world. We have to fight with our full potential. πŸ‘Š

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    • I agree with every bit you said, when we open our mind to the wisest things of the world they comes easy with no resistance. thanks for sharing your thoughts and coming by.πŸ™


    • Thanks a lot friend for sharing your thoughts, whole change of mindset of the complete society is the answer for the women empowerment, women are open to change and are coming strong, soon society will adapt. πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸ’•


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