Poetry: Finer things in life

They all start and they end,

In the nature’s lap and At every rivers bend,

All the finer things in life,

That any soul could crave,

That could lead him satisfied to the grave.

The finer things in life,
The moon ,the stars gazing nights,
The wind blowing across the mountain high,
Happy voices echoing back and forth,
Of the free soul who is ready to explore,
The divine creations and their charm,
Hugging the sunny rays receiving it’s warmth.

The finer things in life, The fragrance of the flowers,
The rustle from the trees,
The sun showing on a bright day through its leaves,
The earthly smell of the soil wet and dried,
A walk through the forest,
Wilderness so pleasant in its stride.

The finer things in life,
The colors of dusk and dawn,
Hues that it weaves along,
Nature starts the day with beauty,
Rests it with the same,
One resonating with the nature,
Has all life needs, in one frame.

The finer things in life ,
Some sand , some sea,
Some blue green waters,
Touching you and me,
In every drop of rain, on every pebble,
Falling down from the blue sky
Those Snow flakes, such a grt treasure.

The finer things in life, It is in the touch of a hand,
It is in all the things we never plan,
The impromptu smile,
Is the life’s fine wine,
That could soothe pain of long lost years, we have left behind.

The finer things in life,
Are In the human emotions and in the care,
A kind thought, understanding each one can share,
Brings so much joy to not just the receiver,
But fills the heart with love of that of the giver.

All The finer things in life,
Comes with no prize,
Yet they are so powerful n peaceful at the same time.
The finer things in life,
They start and they end ,
In the nature’s lap and,
At every rivers bend.


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