4 Simple Affirmations with enormous impact

  • Morning: Today I have another day at hand, I start my day with a hope of doing few things that I truly love, so that when I look back at it tomorrow I have satisfaction that I lived well. (Holding a clear picture of how we see ourselves spending our day really helps in shaping our life. A day started with a smile and a vision is easy to conquer).
  • Afternoon: No matter how my day has been up till now, I still hold capacity of taking the reins of it in my hands even now on and add at least one good thing to my day. Let me start now. ( Sometimes life does not happen at how we have planned it so its important for us to be flexible enough in trying to control our day, also one should be ready to change his attitude towards change by not seeing himself as a loser but finding another opportunity, I say it to myself if I happen to get up late or any other mood swings had ruined my morning).
  • Evening: All’s well that ends well. A beautiful evening can give me impetus to start my day tomorrow in a best way possible. A setting sun also gives the promise of bright morning tomorrow so let me calm down as everything around me is calming down right now. (Evenings are for unwinding ourselves of all the failures and all the wins so that we can sleep at ease. One should not hurry evenings but rather accepting how that day had been is easier for a healthy mind, I like to play , ride my bicycle to let go of everything I had accumulated all day.
  • Night: I am thankful to god for giving me this day , It was a small step towards the future I see for myself and I have added a little I was able to add to it today. I hope I start tomorrow with the same spirit and make a difference for a better life.

A beautiful life actually is made up of all these days we spend in nourishing our mind body and soul with a calming attitude, live it as if no one is watching you except yourself.


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