Laid back approach to life.

Rome was not built in a day, I new this quote infinitesimally before, but its meaning had not sinked to my heart. It’s not just about Rome but about all the beautiful things. A tree to bear fruit has to stand the sun and rain for many many years. A baby to be born has to take nine months in the womb. Similarly a beautiful life takes a long journey of smaller steps taken with love and intention. I realised this when I started having a laid back approach to my life. I was stuck in inactivity for a long time as I knew so many things were not falling in place with my life and was inundated with information (thanks to living into this information age ) and more than overwhelmed, but then I decided to take the reins back into my hands by starting small and doing just one or two things in a day. This laid back approach not only ticked off most of my to do list, but made my everyday beautiful by working without stress towards the life I wanted to create. I was happier throughout the day because the two things on my high priority were done and I realised I had a lot of time actually.

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