Freedom that leads to happiness.

Freedom has different meanings to it, but the kind of freedom I am talking about is being free from the noise of people and their opinions about us. Think of all the people those cloud your head most of the time as not being there now. How do you feel?Most of the time we live in fear, in such darkness that we are never able to unleash our true potential, not only in the sense of a big success but also in the sense of finding true joy. We get so drowned in the noise that we spend our major hours of the days either fighting dogmas or proving a point. We become so consumed that it blocks our creative vision ,our gift as a human to find beauty in life and hence savor life as it comes. Blame gaming sounds tempting by tagging people as the villain’s of our lives and resting the onus on them ,munching on such thoughts, but deep down our subconscious knows, it is our mind that is playing the game with us, this noise is created by our own thoughts. If we try to monitor what we are thinking all day, we will realize we hardly have enough thoughts of growth rather we will find ourselves drowning in the revolting thoughts of either caste ,culture ,politics or more demeaning thoughts of people and peoples opinions. Actually these are all the weeds we are planting in our brains and and we expect the garden of our lives to turn out well. A weed ,like in a garden grows more easily and spreads quickly ,thwarting any other plant’s growth similarly all such thoughts are weeds, taking all our focus and energy thereby not letting any good thought to take its roots. Therefore the first step to become free is to keep our mind free by training our mind. By aligning all our thoughts in the direction of growth , by focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t want we become free in true sense.

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